Vision & expertise

I have four main areas of expertise: 1) Sustainability assessment of tourism,

2) Environmental and social impact assessment of projects on tourism

3) Qualitative and quantitative research

4) Translation, review and proofreading

Sustainability assessment of local tourism


My journey in research on tourism and sustainability began in 2006 when I organized a study group visit to the Highland Council in Scotland to learn about their involvement in an international tourism cooperation project. Since then research has given me great insight into challenges and opportunities of the sector and how this is reflected in different tourism stakeholders in different contexts.

Tourism is not an isolated issue but has an impact on and is affected by all aspects of socio-ecological systems that involve our lives. My studies and research projects have provided me with qualifications to conduct holistic assessments of local tourism to used for example as part of larger strategic projects such as sustainability assessments, EIAs, SEAs, and rural development projects.

I make use of different tools according to the project needs, such as GIS, systems analysis, sustainability indicators, public participation methods, and quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Environmental and social impact assessment of major projects on tourism

I assess local impact of major projects, such as hydroelectric dams and aluminium smelters, on tourism. I have developed methods to make assessments which have been used in EIAs. I have also managed the projects and taken care of analysis and layout of the final reports.


Qualitative and quantitative research

During my years of studies and research, I have accumulated wide experience of research methods such as structured and open interviews, questionnaires and electronic and face-to-face surveys and GIS. In most of my research, I have employed a combination of these methods in order to best reflect stakeholder views on different issues and topics such as environmental impact, sustainable development, tourism development, and policies and strategies.

I have contacts that I can cooperate with in order to conduct surveys with larger samples and telephone interviews. This way I can take care of larger and smaller projects, complete or parts of projects.


Translation, reviewing, and proofreading


I can provide proofreading and translation within the languages Icelandic, Swedish and English. I have worked with all three languages in academic and practical projects, translating between the three as a part of the work. I have also done peer reviewing both for academic journals and for master and PhD students. I have a passion for the correct use of concepts and accurate translation and I also enjoy reading other's work and giving feedback.