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Tourism &
Sustainability Research

Tourism studies and sustainability science MSc

Independent consultant, translator & proofreader


I have led and assisted English and Icelandic research projects, both academic and applied. Throughout my academic career I have proofread and provided feedback on numerous academic papers and articles in English, Icelandic and Swedish, written articles and presented my work in numerous conferences.
I have four years of experience with translation & proofreading for agencies all over the world and direct clients in Britain, Sweden and Iceland.

Translation & proofreading

Research on the impact of industries on tourism

Quantitative & qualitative surveys

Tourism assessment

Tourism & Sustainability Research



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Client: Fannborg tourism, Mannvit Engineers

Impact of the development of visitor centers in Kerlingarfjöll in Iceland on tourism and outdoor life. Evaluation of stakeholder perspectives.



The study reflects the perspectives of the actors involved in tourism near the tourist destination Kerlingarfjöll have on planned constructions related to the development of the visitor center and expanded accommodation options. These actors are tourists, tourism actors, outdoor associations and public actors involved in the municipality's tourism development. Kristín Rut Kristjánsdóttir conducted this study as a consultant to the environmental impact assessment for the project.

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